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Eric Dunphy

Agent- Owner

License ID: 201220494

Tel: 5412074243

My Name is Super-Agent Guy
An Oregon-grown Broker
If Real Estate you seek to buy
Don't settle for mediocre

Your dream home is my mission
Negotiations are my skill
While assisting a smooth transition
Until Your needs I fulfill

Dirt bikes are my passion
Amidst the mountainous terrain
My dogs I meet with compassion
Whose companionship I cannot explain

Your trust I wish to gain
Call for an appointment
To see the value I retain
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    We had been perusing web sites in the hope of finding an affordable home in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon and specifically Portland. Portland proved beyond our financial reach but properly negotiated, Salem seemed at least approachable.

    In that search we stumbled as much onto Eric's web site and spent substantial time employing its user-friendly aspects as we did onto Eric himself. What a fortuitous stroke of serendipity....on both counts!

    Thanks to Eric's enduring patience, skillful negotiating, sage suggestions, assertive guidance, keen knowledge of the market, gracious willingness to run up and down I-5 from north of Portland to well south of Eugene and practiced talents that talked me off the ledge more than once, Eric brought our ship to safe harbour.

    And as if just locating a property to our liking within in striking distance of our limited budget wasn't enough, our use of a non-local lender delivered a significant number of unnecessarily awkward hurdles that nearly sidelined our deal and pushed a potentially successful closing to the 59th minute of the eleventh hour. But Eric was there in spades too, every morning early and evening late, keeping the cats herded and the wolves defanged.

    In short, the man is magnificent....border to border, stem to stern, top to bottom MAGNIFICENT! Intelligent, objective, practical, knowledgeable, experienced, personable, professional, friendly but not familiar unless invited closer (which early on into the process we delightfully did)...pull a dictionary and look up any positive adjective and you'll likely find Eric's picture next to it.

    We lucked into Eric as our representative. It is here strongly suggested you avoid the potential pitfalls that could have befallen us had we NOT been so lucky by simply sourcing him as your agent first.

    Yes, by all means be an informed buyer or seller by spending time on his web site to find the properties in which you are most interested in exploring -or- at what price your property would likely be the best item in its price range. Then call Eric and arrange the details.

    Regardless of whether you need to sell or want to buy, Eric's job is to get you the best price in the shortest time with the fewest hassles.....and he will do just that!
    Sep 10, 2019
  • j
    Eric is the ultimate Real Estate Agent. He's knowledgeable, a professional and always forthcoming. His expertise made my first home buying experience a pleasant fun and smooth experience. He is a hard worker and a good listener, especially when it came to what we wanted in a house. I will definitely recommend him to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you, Eric. You do live up to your name and reputation as the " Super Agent Guy!"
    Aug 16, 2019
  • h
    Eric helped us purchase our first home back in October! He was super helpful in answering all of our questions (there were many) and always put our wants/needs first. Eric was a true advocate for us and made sure we were taken care of throughout the whole process! He is our go to guy and we will definitely be using his services in the future. I can’t recommend him enough!
    Jun 24, 2019
  • j
    We had an amazing experience working with Eric, he was always responsive to us and looked at several homes with us and held on until we could make a final decision. We never felt pressured on something we were not ?? on.
    May 23, 2019
  • m
    Where to start.....Well for starters; we were displaced thanks to a house fire. Then we chose to buy a home in one of the worst buyers market in history. So thankfully all too late one night my wife and I decided we wanted to see a home the next morning. She had received some emails from Mike in the past and he had actually called the day after the fire. He handled, to be honest, our rejections so well. He never tried to push us any or call too often or throw his pitch in breath after breath. It really made us feel that he could be the agent for us. Mike responded to my email, very quickly and worked hard secure us a spot to see the already popular home the very next day. The best part was yet to come though. Mike took the time to talked us off of offering more then we should for that home. We certainly weren't thinking the clearest; living in a hotel with your kids can do that too you. It was a lesson we needed to learn and Mike took the time to teach us in a way that didn't leave us feeling belittled or unintelligent. Through the coming months, we saw a lot of houses, sometimes until 10 pm at night. Mike always made us come first and was there for us through it all. It wasn't easy. I couldn't imagine going through that time with any other agent. Thankfully we have now lived in our home that our whole family loves all thanks to his support and guidance. Seriously if you need an agent but don't want to feel like a number or have the "used car salesman" approach. Then Mike is the guy for you.
    Oct 18, 2018

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