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Eric Dunphy

Agent- Owner

License ID: 201220494

Tel: 5412074243

My Name is Super-Agent Guy
An Oregon-grown Broker
If Real Estate you seek to buy
Don't settle for mediocre

Your dream home is my mission
Negotiations are my skill
While assisting a smooth transition
Until Your needs I fulfill

Dirt bikes are my passion
Amidst the mountainous terrain
My dogs I meet with compassion
Whose companionship I cannot explain

Your trust I wish to gain
Call for an appointment
To see the value I retain
Recommendations (22)
  • t
    Eric went way above and beyond what I expected from a realtor. I was preapproved by a lender who decided to deny me after I made an offer and paid escrow on a house (they denied me for internal policy reasons). Eric helped me rapidly find another lender to qualify me in time to close but then the Carona Virus hit the stock market for the first time and that lender backed out due to the turmoil in the lending market. Eric then used his established business network and was able to find another lender who allowed me to finally closed on the house within only 1 week to close.

    Eric was very upfront about the entire buying process and very knowledgable on the topic. He was also very patient with me and my level of pickiness and did not try to push a sale on a house. He is also very accessible round the clock and answered every time I called with questions or concerns (I called him a lot!!!).

    Thank you Eric, I will defiantly keep you in my contacts for whenever I move in the future or buy an investment property and I will strongly refer you to anyone that is looking for an agent!
    Jun 26, 2020
  • k
    Eric helped us buy our first home and gave us advice every step of the way. We got exactly what we wanted thanks to him. We absolutely recommend him if you are looking to buy a new house.
    Apr 09, 2020
  • J
    Justin race
    If you are in need of a real estate agent, Eric is your guy. He is super knowledgeable about everything real estate. Whenever I had a question or concern, Eric was right there with a response. He works day and night to ensure that your experience through this process is smooth. He is 100% dedicated to his job, and will never show you short of that. Generally Eric is super flexible with his schedule, which was awesome for my and my wife because of our busy schedules. Don’t hesitate using Eric as your agent. You won’t find someone more professional at there job
    Jan 22, 2020
  • z
    Eric was amazing throughout this whole process. He was always available to answer questions or explain things to us. He made sure everything went smoothly and handled all of the day to day challenges, which made this process so much easier on us. Being first time home buyers, this process was somewhat overwhelming at first but Eric was wonderful at explaining the timeline for the home buying process and making sure that we had all of the information we needed to make decisions along the way. We went into this with a VA home loan which can complicate things, but Eric had a lot of knowledge about VA home loans and was able to navigate any challenges that came up. We are so glad we had the opportunity to work with Eric and would recommend him highly!
    Dec 28, 2019
  • w
    We had been perusing web sites in the hope of finding an affordable home in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon and specifically Portland. Portland proved beyond our financial reach but properly negotiated, Salem seemed at least approachable.

    In that search we stumbled as much onto Eric's web site and spent substantial time employing its user-friendly aspects as we did onto Eric himself. What a fortuitous stroke of serendipity....on both counts!

    Thanks to Eric's enduring patience, skillful negotiating, sage suggestions, assertive guidance, keen knowledge of the market, gracious willingness to run up and down I-5 from north of Portland to well south of Eugene and practiced talents that talked me off the ledge more than once, Eric brought our ship to safe harbour.

    And as if just locating a property to our liking within in striking distance of our limited budget wasn't enough, our use of a non-local lender delivered a significant number of unnecessarily awkward hurdles that nearly sidelined our deal and pushed a potentially successful closing to the 59th minute of the eleventh hour. But Eric was there in spades too, every morning early and evening late, keeping the cats herded and the wolves defanged.

    In short, the man is magnificent....border to border, stem to stern, top to bottom MAGNIFICENT! Intelligent, objective, practical, knowledgeable, experienced, personable, professional, friendly but not familiar unless invited closer (which early on into the process we delightfully did)...pull a dictionary and look up any positive adjective and you'll likely find Eric's picture next to it.

    We lucked into Eric as our representative. It is here strongly suggested you avoid the potential pitfalls that could have befallen us had we NOT been so lucky by simply sourcing him as your agent first.

    Yes, by all means be an informed buyer or seller by spending time on his web site to find the properties in which you are most interested in exploring -or- at what price your property would likely be the best item in its price range. Then call Eric and arrange the details.

    Regardless of whether you need to sell or want to buy, Eric's job is to get you the best price in the shortest time with the fewest hassles.....and he will do just that!
    Sep 10, 2019

Mike Clem

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